Laura Toxvaerd - composer, saxophonist, researcher



2020 Calling (Laura Toxvaerd with Maria Faust & Jacob Anderskov), New Jazz and Improvised Music Recording, UK

2019 Drapery (Laura Toxvaerd with Gustaf Ljunggren, Peter Friis Nielsen & Marilyn Mazur), ILK

2019 Tidens strøm (Laura Toxvaerd with Maria Laurette Friis, Kalle Moberg, Kristian Tangvik & Kresten Osgood), ILK

2016 Laura Toxvaerd Compositions Part 1 (with Carsten Dahl, Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard), ILK

2016 Laura Toxvaerd Compositions Part 2 (with Dødens Garderobe), ILK

2016 Pladeshop (Laura Toxvaerd with Simon Toldam & Marilyn Mazur), ILK

2016 Men of Addiction: From the Gut (Jakob Thorkild/Nils Bo Davidsen/P.O.Jørgens/Laura Toxværd), TYRFING

2015 Dødens Garderobe Julealbum "Bluebells", SoundCloud

2014 The Little Flipping Bird Band (Toxvaerd/Jacquemyn/P.O.Jørgens), NWM

2013 Celebrating 10 years compilation, ILK

2012 Phone Book (Toxvaerd/Anderskov), ILK

2012 Solborg 4+4+1 (Solborg a.o.), ILK

2011 Johs Lund: Havens Fugle, YOYOOYOY

2010 9 Names from Denmark Compilation, Danish Arts Foundation

2011 Full Circle (Anderskov Accident), ILK

2011 Jazz til tiden (Nils Bo Davidsen a.o.), ILK

2010 D D (Toxvaerd/Thaae/Gemzøe), ILK

2009 The Wire Tapper compilation CD

2007 På dansk (Anderskov a.o.), ILK

2007 No. 1 (Toxvaerd, producer: Frederik Thaae), ILK

2005 Unity of action (Anderskov Accident), ILK

2004 Radar (Peter Bruun a.o.), Radar 

2002 Anderskov Accident (Anderskov a.o.), Scraggly records

2002 On Top of your Head (John Tchicai m.fl.), NWM